JEdit – powerful code editor for programmers

For code editors who do not need to use an IDE like Eclipse or Netbeans for programming, a good option is the JEdit programmers’ code editor. It is open source and cross-platform. You can get it at

Eclipse IDE and Python Development

Python is very easy to learn. However, for newbies, you need a code editor that allows you to view code completion. Code completion helps to develop and learn a new computer language rapidly and that is why, Eclipse is one of the most popular Integrated Development Environments (IDE) out there.

To develop programs using Python . . . → Read More: Eclipse IDE and Python Development

Learn Python quickly – A Byte of Python

Here,, is an interesting e-book on Python programming (for that matter, programming), for beginners. The book’s main draw is that it is very simple to follow for beginners to programming. It cannot be simpler than that.

I would recommend this book to experienced IT Managers who have also lost touch with the world of . . . → Read More: Learn Python quickly – A Byte of Python

NameError: name ‘QtGui’ is not defined

If you get the above error when calling your PyQt program, using Python, you have not installed the PyQt4 rpm file from your fedora repository. # yum install PyQt4

and now re-run your python QT program. You will not get the error. If you now get the error that the pyuic4 file is not found, . . . → Read More: NameError: name ‘QtGui’ is not defined

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