How to mitigate the threat of being a victim of ransom ware

Ransom ware seems to have gotten the better of many ordinary users. However, it is not a threat that has no mitigation measures available to the ordinary user, but is more of following good basic security and hygiene practices, to not fall prey to a ransom ware threat. Do the following:

If you use Linux, . . . → Read More: How to mitigate the threat of being a victim of ransom ware

Root and change the ROM on your Android phone with caution

Security can never be accepted in a compromised state. There are lots sites on the internet that offer options to root and update the ROM of android phones. However, goodies sometimes come packed with malware. Exercise caution when doing so. Other than that, you also void your phone warranty.

Microsoft Windows and malware (duqu)

Facts have proven time and again, that Microsoft Windows is inherently insecure, whatever may be told to the world about it’s security having improved over the years. In fact, those who get infected on account of these defects should take the battle to Microsoft and demand compensation. Though there are other technical controls within their . . . → Read More: Microsoft Windows and malware (duqu)

Malware via USB drives

Long ago, I recall the time when someone passed me a USB drive to copy some data onto my computer. Well, I did copy the data, but along with that, came malware. Did not realize that, till I noticed a few extra processes running on the system.

Now, a few points to note:

It is . . . → Read More: Malware via USB drives

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