Securely copy files to Linux across a network

Use scp to copy files securely from one linux computer to another over a network. $ scp -r /folder/folder1 <enter>

where: /folder/folder1 is the source folder -r is for recursively copy is the destination computer. This can also be an IP address /home/user/folder is the destination folder.

Once you type above command, you . . . → Read More: Securely copy files to Linux across a network

Nmap online – Network scans from the internet

You can use It is the equivalent of scanning a system or network for open ports from outside of the network you are in.

Tata Indicom USB photon drivers and DNS Servers

DNS Servers Drivers at

Unbind MAC address for DSL Internet ISP

Many ISPs bind the MAC Address. If the NIC card changes, the internet stops working. To correct this problem: Note down your old MAC address # ifconfig eth0 hw ether This unbinds the old NIC and you can put the new MAC next.

Connect Reliance Phone to Net as Modem

1. Data cable from Samsung/LG 2. Connect to DUN 3. Insert R Connect CD 4. Choose handset model and cable type 5. Set phone to work as modem by typing *412 and press Call button. 6. Wait for SMS confirmation. 7. Connect PC to Phone with the data cable. 8. Restart the PC as per . . . → Read More: Connect Reliance Phone to Net as Modem

Install kppp for ordinary users

Create a group called dialout. Add specific users to the group dialout

# chown root.dialout /usr/sbin/kppp # chown root.dialout /usr/bin/consolehelper # chown root.dialout /usr/bin/kppp* # chmod 4750 /usr/sbin/kppp

You can now setup by typing /usr/sbin/kppp

Set up /usr/sbin/kppp on the KDE panel

Note that ordinary users cannot call /usr/bin/kppp as it requires root privileges. . . . → Read More: Install kppp for ordinary users

Modems in Linux

Ensure that Wait for Dialtone is deselected.

Kppp aborts with message “Unable to authenticate”

To remove the error, add line “noauth” to /etc/ppp/options.

Note that this solution may be obsolete.

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